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Isle of Mann - SU15 update?

Started by toby23, May 30, 2024, 01:31 PM

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Hello. I've been waiting what feels like forever to purchase the Isle of Mann airport from UK2000 but have been holding off because of the Asobo texture issues.
With SU15 now out, has this been fixed and does the airport blend in with the new surrounding Bing textures?
Thank you,

Gary Summons

No, the problem is still there. I don't think the image problem is related to SU15, they seam to have 2 different sets of images for the UK, which you get is pot luck. Crazy I know.

Christopher Low

That is extremely disappointing. I wish that Asobo would get their act together regarding this. Those purple and lime green textures totally ruin the immersion when visiting the Isle of Man airport.


It is a real shame because the Earth Simulation's version for FSX was such a joy to fly to and from and I would love to be able to use UK2000's version in MSFS and add the Isle of Man to my flightplans.