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What would you like my next UK airport project to be?

Started by Gary Summons, May 10, 2024, 08:14 PM

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Which UK airport next?

Norwich Airport
9 (33.3%)
Bournemouth Airport
7 (25.9%)
RAF Brize Norton
1 (3.7%)
Humberside Airport(EDIT, Will not be made now)
1 (3.7%)
Newquay Airport
9 (33.3%)

Total Members Voted: 27


Any chance you might do Guernsey airport? My island home and the only MSFS Channel Islands airport upgrade missing.

Christopher Low

I would think that Guernsey is on the list somewhere.

Derek Butterworth

Gary Summons

OK will do, there is only 5 remaining that could be done. So all should be made within 18month.

Lee Corbin

We've been waiting so long for a payware Bournemouth, busiest and most interesting of the options above with a good mix of airline, GA and cargo ops.  I'm probably biased though!

Gary Summons

Yes I grew up there. Many days watching BAC1-11s, diverting Tridents from Heathrow and classics like the FR Canberra and Sea Vixen. Ok, now that shows my age  ;D

Derek Butterworth

1-11, tridents Boeing 707 and viscounts and vanguards at Manchester airport, Ringway as it was called then


I think both Norwich and Newquay are currently missing from the sim as reflected in the votes. I have an acceptable freeware Norwich but not Newquay. I would buy both.

Gary Summons

Newquay has now been started should be a couple of months away.


Hopefully Norwich next, would be great seeing my local on there

Gary Summons

That will be in early 2025 for Norwich, I still mix my US airport production with UK airports.

Double Danksy

Personally, id like to see Newcastle being developed, for the Xbox Marketplace. :-)